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H. Geoffrey Watson, M.D.
A native and resident of Oakland, California, Geoffrey Watson obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration from the University of California at Davis and a medical degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Watson completed two years of his medical residency at the Vanderbilt Medical Center with his final year of medical residency completed at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco.
In 1985, Dr. Watson started his medical career in Oakland as a specialist in the art of Internal Medicine working as a staff physician at the Arlington Medical Center along side his father, Dr. James A. Watson. His love of senior citizens allowed him to become the Medical Director of the Alta Bates Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility in 1987 and he has subsequently served as the Medical Director of Parkland Hospital and Excell Care Skilled Nursing Facilities. Dr. Watson has a special interest in education and has earned the position of Director of Continuing Medical Education at Fairmont Hospital in San Leandro and Alameda County Medical Center of the East Bay. In 1992, as a Board Certified Internist, his love for teaching and medical education has earned him a position as Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the U.C.S.F. Medical Center. Also in 1992, as the Co-Medical Director of the Arlington Medical Center, Dr. Watson became a key player in the Oakland community as a leader in managed care and positioned himself as a Founding Member of the Alta Bates Medical Associates. He developed medical groups, leading the way in managed care, and helped to organize a merger of prominent physicians resulting in a powerful African American Primary Care Group geared towards serving the needs of African Americans in the East Bay, including the development of preventive care 2
programs focused in the areas of hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse and weight control.
At a time when African Americans are disproportionately underinsured and over diseased, Dr. Watson has become a significant voice in educating the community through the media. In 1988, he became a host of the weekly call-in radio show program entitled
Medical Update, which was the number 1 radio show in its time slot. From there, Dr. Watson has become the host of the Health Beat Television Show on Soulbeat Television Network in Oakland and has developed his own corporation known as Preventive Care Network Medical Services, Inc. which focuses on healing the community through positive preventive pathways within the media. His devotion has been recognized by the Bay Area community and he has served as the primary physician for the afternoon news on KRON-TV in San Francisco. Each week Dr. Watson provides medical advice and education to viewers for these and other popular television networks.
Dr. Watson has served as the Secretary for the Sinkler Miller Medical and the Golden State Medical Associations during 1994. In May, 1997, he was inaugurated into office as President of the Golden State Medical Association and served through 1998. From 1996 through 1997 he has been honored with serving as the President of the Sinkler Miller Medical Association of the East Bay.
On March 1, 1997, Dr. Watson established a new medical facility, The James A. Watson Wellness Center, a legacy of his father, moving his practice to Pill Hill and continuing to provide high quality and sensitive care to patients by treating the physical, socioeconomic, spiritual and psychological ailments and employing medical and practical solutions with hopes of resulting in complete wellness.3
On March 1, 2005, after being presented with the greatest opportunity in connection with his services to the community, Dr. Watson went “Back to the Future” and purchased his father’s original facility in North Oakland, The Arlington Medical Center, where Drs. James and Geoffrey Watson first joined forces in providing quality medical services to all members of the Oakland Bay Area community, from the very prestige to the homeless, with the same care and concern no matter race, creed, religion or gender. In his father’s honor and in all humbleness, Dr. Geoffrey Watson continues this pratice of following in his father’s footsteps.

Curriculum Vitae

Henry Geoffrey Watson, M.D.


High School: Skyline High School, Oakland, CA 1971-1974

Undergraduate: University of California, Davis - B.S., Health Care Admin. 1974-1978

Graduate: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN
Doctor of Medicine 1978-1982

Medical Resident, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (University Hospital,
St. Thomas Hospital, V.A. Hospital, Nashville General Hospital) 1982-1984

A) Inpatient Rotations: I.C.U., C.C.U., E.R., Cardiology, Nephrology,
Oncology, Medicine Wards

B) Outpatient Rotations: General Medicine Clinic, Neurology, Derma-
tology, O.B. Gyn., Orthopedics, ENT, Minor
Surgery Clinic, Endocrine, Rheumatology,
Nursing Home Coverage, Administrative
Admitting Physician

Residency Chiefs: Anderson Spickard, M.D. and John Oates, M.D.

Medical Resident, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
(Moffitt Hospital, San Francisco General Hospital) 1984-1985

A) Inpatient Rotations: Medical Consultation Service, Infectious Dz,
Cardiology, MICU, E.R.

B) Outpatient Rotations: Pulmonary, Cardiology, G.I., Orthopedics,
Rheumatology, Dermatology, Infectious Dz,
Endocrine, G.U., Gyn.

C) Administrative Chief Resident, December 1984

Residency Chief: Stephen Schroder, M.D.


Member - Church By The Side Of The Road, Berkeley, CA, 1956 - Present
President, Young Adults Committee 1972-1974

Member - NAACP 1971-Present

Founder, Coordinator, and President - Black Health Science Association
University of California, Davis, CA 1976-1978

Volunteer Assistant to the California Delegation, Republican National Convention
Kansas City, MO 1976

Administrative Intern - Department of Public Health, County of Sacramento
Health Agency 1978

Consulting Physician - Body Master Fitness Group 1987-1992

Member- Tennessee Medical Association 1982-1992

Member - California Medical Association 1984-Present

Member - National Medial Association 1978-Present

Associate Medical Director - Alta Bates Skilled Nursing Facility 1987-1994

Staff Physician - Medical Update Radio Show, KDIA Radio Station, Oakland, CA 1989-1997

Director/Host– Health Beat Radio Show, KDYA The Light, Oakland, CA 2004-Present

Member - Sinkler-Miller Medical Association 1988-Present

Member- Golden State Medical Association 1988-Present

President - Sinkler-Miller Medical Association 1996-1997

Member – Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association 1992-Present

Producer/Host - Health Beat Television Show, Oakland, CA 1994-Present

President - Golden State Medical Association 1997-2000

Medical Director, Berkeley Long Term Care 1992-2001

Medical Director, Bay Area Consortium For Quality Health Care, Counciling 2004-Present
Drug Recovery, Screening and Pain Management

Medical Director, Shields Nursing Facility 1997-2005

Medical Director, Save -A- Life Family Resource Center / Healthy Communities, Inc. 2004- Present
Recovery and Counciling services

Member, Prohibited Substance Committee, National Basketball Association 2001-Present

Member, Prohibited Substance Committee, Women’s National Basketball Association 2001-Present

Member, Board of Directors, National Kidney Foundation 2003-Present

Member, Board of Directors, Healthy Oakland 2003-Present

Member, Board of Directors, Terrence Kelly Foundation 2005-Present

Member, Board of Directors, Oakland African American Chamber Of Commerce, Oakland, CA 2004-Present

Member, Community Board of Directors, Wells Fargo Bank Foundation , Oakland, CA 2004-Present

President-Board of Directors, Males Advocacy for Parenting and Pregnacy, Oakland, CA

President- Board of Directors, Preventive Care Pathways, Oakland, CA 1995-Present


1969-1971 San Francisco Chronicle Delivery Service

    1977-1980 Office Clerk, Medical Assistant, Arlington Medical Group, Oakland, CA

    1974-1982 Nursing Aide, Herrick Memorial Hospital, Berkeley, CA

    1982-1984 Medical Resident, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

    1983-1984 E.R. Physician, House Physician, Hickman County Hospital Centerville, TN

    1984-1985 Medical Resident, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

    1984-1985 House Physician, St. Lukes Hospital, San Francisco, CA

    1984-1988 Urgent Care Physician, Laurel Grove Hospital, Castro Valley, CA

    1984-1987 E.R. Physician, Dos Palos Hospital, Dos Palos, CA

    1984-1987 E.R. Physician, Washington Hospital, Culver City, CA

    1985-1992 Private Practice, Internal Medicine, Arlington Medical Group, Oakland, CA

    1985-Present Staff Physicican, Department Of Internal Medicine, Alta Bates Medical Center, Berekelry, CA

    1985-Present Staff Physician, Department Of Internal Medicine, Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA

    1987, 1990,1992 Staff Physician, Ralph K. Davies Medical Center

    1988-1994 Staff Physician, Adult Sickle Cell Clinic - Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkely, CA

      1991- Present Staff Physician, Alameda County Medical Center- Highland Campus, Oakland, CA

      1991-1993 Staff Physician, Medical Group at City Center, Inc. - Urgent Care Clinic, Oakland, CA

      1991-1995 Staff Physician, Fairmont Hospital - Internal Medicine Associates, San Leandro, CA

      1991-1995 Physician, Director of Continuing Medical Education, Fairmont Hospital, San Leandro, CA

      1992-1996 Founding Member, Alta Bates Medical Associates, Oakland Region, Oakland, CA

      1994-1996 Director of Continuing Medical Education, Alameda County Medical Center, Alameda, CA

      1994-Present President and Chief Executive Officer, Preventive Care Network Medical Services, Inc., Oakland, CA

      1995-1998 Medical Director, Excell Care Skilled Nursing Facility, Oakland, CA

      1995- 2006 Clinical Instructor, Samuel Merrit School of Nursing and Physician Assistants, Oakland, CA

      2006-Present Clinical Associate Professor, Samuel Merrit School o f Nursing and Physician Assistants, Oakland, CA

      1997-Present Private Practice, Chief of Staff/Medical Director, The James A. Watson Wellness Center, Oakland, CA

      1997-Present Medical Director, Emergency Services, Kindred Hospital, -San Francisco/Bay Area, San Leandro, CA

      1998-Present Principal Investigator – Preventive Care Network Medical Services, Inc. dba The James A. Watson Wellness Center, Oakland, CA 5709 Market Street, Oakland, CA 94608

      2003-Present Staff Physician, Willow Tree Skilled Nursing Facility, Berkeley, CA

      2004- Present Staff Physician, Bellaken Garden Skilled Nursing Facility, Oakland, CA

      2005-Present Consulting Physician, New Beginnings Drug Recovery Center, Richmond, CA


      Star Scout, Troupe 223, Oakland, CA 1969

      Valedictorian, 9th Grade Class, McChesney Jr. High 1972

      Vice President, Skyline High School Scholarship Club 1973, 1974

      Block ‘S’, Skyline High School Athletic Department - Football and Track 1973, 1974

      Assistant to the California Delegation, Republican National Convention, Kansas City, MO 1976

      President, Black Health Science Association, University of California, Davis 1976,1977,1978

      Bachelor of Science Degree, Health Care Administration,University of California, Davis 1978

      Medical Degree, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 1982

      Certification of Completion of Residency in Internal Medicine,Vanderbilt and U.C. San Francisco
      Medical Center 1985

      Tennessee Medical License 1982

      California Medical License 1984

      Controlled Substance Certificate 1983-Present

      CPR, ACLS Certification Current

      Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine 1991-Present

      Board of Directors, Alta Bates Medical Associates 1992-1994

      University of California, San Francisco, CA, Assistant Clinical Professor 1993-Present

      Secretary, Sinkler-Miller Medical Association 1994-1995

      Secretary, Golden State Medical Association 1994-1996

      President, Sinkler-Miller Medical Association 1996-1997

      President, Golden State Medical Association 1997-1998

      Award Of Excellance, YMCA of The East Bay Eastlake Branch 1998

      Certification of Appreciation,Oakland Community,BWOPA’S Main Horses 1998

      Soul Beat T.V Network, Man Of The Year Award 1999

      Bay Area Black Media Coalition 2000


      Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH), A Diagnostic Tool 1984
      The Most Common Malignancies and Associated Therapies 1984
      Managed Competition: The Health Care Plan In The East Bay’s Private Sector 1993
      Decoding Clinton’s Health Security Act and How it Impacts African-Americans 1994


      Ethnic-Specific Differences in Bronchodilator Responsiveness Among African American, Puerto Rican,
      and Mexican Asthmatics

      Inhaled Corticsteriods Augment Bronchodilator Responsiveness in latinos but not in African Americans 2005

      The PTGDR and EP2 Genes are not Associated with Asthma in Three Ethnically Diverse Populations 2005