James A. Watson Wellness Center

Your health is your wealth, when you have your health you have everything…

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The James A. Watson Wellness Center offers the following services:

Health Care for Men and Women
Improved Access to Health Care
Chronic Disease Reduction and Management
Health Advocacy and Cultural Competency
Clinical Research Trials
Health Education/Health Beat TV Show/Public Speaking
Disease Prevention, Management and Disparity Reduction.
Sports Medicine
Nursing Schools: Samuel Merritt, LifeLine Healthcare Consultant, etc
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Shawl Injury Rehab Chiropractic Care/DME
Good Night Sleep Disorders Diagnostic Services
In Patient Hospital Care
Medical Cannibus Consultations
Laboratory Services

Preventive Care Pathways 501(c)3
Preventive Care Network Medical Services, Inc. (PCN)
The James A. Watson Wellness Center
The James A. Watson Wellness Center is the model for health care in the African-American community. The clinic includes public and private partnerships, relationships with faith-based organizations, hospitals, health maintenance organizations, nurses, pharmacist, labs and our community leaders. Most important, The James A. Watson Wellness Center provides disease prevention and direct services for those who need it most.
The North Oakland Pharmacy has been located within the clinic for more than 45 years. The North Oakland Pharmacy understands the need for a comprehensive disease management program and is implementing a “collaborative relationship with physicians and patients”.